7 Tips For Keeping Your Healthy Eating on Track
As daylight savings is drawing to an end in Australia, and the cooler months are quickly approaching, we can find that our diets naturally start to shift towards warmer, heavier, and more comforting foods.
This seasonal change can flick an intrinsic evolutionary switch inside of us that makes us want to eat more; to essentially put on insulating fat stores that will keep us warm in the winter.
With a little less warmth and sunlight, we also find that we spend more time indoors, and consequently less time outdoors being physically active.
If 2022 was labelled the year for you to build a healthier, happier, self, I recommend keeping the following wellness hacks in mind to maintain healthy eating no matter the season.
1. Get Expert Advice on Healthy Eating
Seeing a health professional such as a Dietitian or Exercise Physiologist can help to further refine your health and wellness goals. Alternatively, find a health coach, someone you can check in with on a regular basis. Not only can they help to keep you accountable, but research shows that health and wellness coaching improves weight and nutrition behaviours.
2. Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time
Bulk cooking meals ahead of time can not only save you hours, but also ensures you’re not as likely to reach for less nutritious takeaway options when hunger strikes. Get creative in the kitchen and choose foods that you actually enjoy! Make meal prep an enjoyable way of mapping out your week and building that motivation.
3. Try a Meal Delivery Service
If you are struggling with your food wellness goals, and cooking isn’t your forte, a meal delivery service, like MACROS, is an excellent way to take off the pressure and inject some precious time back into your day. Fresh, nutritionally balanced, Dietitian designed meals delivered straight to your door, MACROS is one of the meal delivery services that also offer tailored meal plans – sculpt, gain, balance – to suit a range of individual requirements no matter your routine.
If you’re worried about losing that home cooked feel, they also create some delicious comfort meals like Massaman Beef Curry, Chilli Con Carne, and Creamy Mushroom Chicken Penne, but portion controlled of course!
4. Don’t Cut Out Carbs
Carbohydrates are our body’s preferred fuel source, so removing them from your diet can leave you feeling irritable and hungry. Instead of cutting out carbs, consider them a helpful companion come meal time, and choose complex, whole grain, and low GI carbs – such as black rice, barley, legumes, sweet potato and dense grainy breads.
5. Bulk Up Your Meals With More Veggies
Vegetables are generally packed with essential nutrients, they’re low in energy and high in fibre, so great for adding volume and ensuring your meals keep you satisfied. Fresh vegetables also make a great option for when you feel like snacking or grazing at your work desk.
6. Include Protein With Each Meal
Protein can improve satiety making you less likely to become ravenous in between meals. Yoghurt, nuts, legumes, tofu, lean meats, eggs and fish are all great protein options. If you’re looking for ready-made, the MACROS meals are specially formulated to be high in protein, so you stay fuller for longer whilst going about your busy day.
7. Practice Mindful Eating
Eating intuitively and focusing on your hunger and fullness cues can help prevent overeating. Taking the time to really enjoy your food can leave you feeling more satisfied with what you’ve consumed. Rid your immediate surroundings of any distractions, phones, laptop, TV, and really take a moment to enjoy the foods you are nourishing your body and mind with.
Don’t let the weather or mood dictate how to treat your body, stay motivated knowing how good you will feel keeping fit and strong the whole year round.

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